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Q&A with Annuity Actuary Lauren Minches, FSA

I sat down with Lauren Minches, FSA, an annuity actuary at Blueprint Income, to hear what she and her team at Blueprint Income are doing to improve annuities and our retirements.

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Q&A with Retirement Income Expert Nimish Shukla, CFA

I sat down with Nimish Shukla, CFA, retirement income expert and co-founder of Blueprint Income, to get learn about Blueprint Income's approach to helping clients with their retirement income.

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Q&A with Annuity Expert Matt Carey

I sat down with Matt Carey, annuity expert and CEO of Blueprint Income, to get his thoughts on the annuity market and hear what he and his team at Blueprint Income are doing to improve our retirements.

The Personal Pension

Personal Pension Case Study: Ryan

Ryan, age 35, bought a Personal Pension for a guarantee to balance his riskier 401(k) investments.

Retirement Planning

Finding the Right Financial Product for Your Retirement Objectives

Planning for your retirement can be broken down into three primary objectives: liquidity, growth, and income. There are different financial products to use to meet each of those needs.

Annuity Basics

Stocks Lose 7% in October While Annuity Rates Continue to Rise

There are warning signs building that the 8-10% average market returns we’ve experienced over the last decade likely are not here to stay. The guaranteed 4%+ growth of most top-paying fixed annuities are starting to look more attractive.

Retirement Income

What Should I Do with My Fixed Annuity at Maturity?

A summary of the different options you have when your fixed annuity matures.

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Blueprint Income Launches Fixed Annuity Marketplace

Easy and free access to the marketplace of simple, fixed annuities for consumers. The platform provides real-time fixed annuity rates from 25+ insurers, native digital application with automation-assisted suitability review and eSignature capabilities.

Retirement Income

Tips When Buying a Fixed Annuity

The answers to the most important questions for when buying a fixed annuity.

Retirement Income

Should You Buy a Fixed Annuity?

A fixed annuity provides a safe, tax-advantaged way to earn a good return on savings needed in the near future, similar to a CD. We’ve created this quick checklist so you can know if a fixed annuity is a good fit for you.