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CFSI’s Finlab: Blueprint Income Joins Class

Third Class of CFSI's FinLab (Financial Solution Lab): Blueprint Income is excited to announce our participation and here's how CFSI's FinLab is helping us achieve our goals.

The Personal Pension

Pension Guarantee in Private Pensions

The private pension (Personal Pension) provides a pension guarantee, which is a guarantee of steady retirement income backed by top-rated insurers. It's made up of annuities, which can be thought of as the opposite of life insurance.

The Personal Pension

Your Retirement Needs a Private Pension

Private pensions (like the Personal Pension) can meet your retirement needs if you want steady, guaranteed income that's isolated from the market and continues for as long as you're alive.

The Personal Pension

Protect Your Retirement Savings With a Private Pension

You can protect your retirement savings by starting a Personal Pension with as little as $5,000 (the just Get Started Approach). Or, you can design one using the Income Gap or Asset Allocation approaches.


Customizing Your QLAC

There are many features you can add to your QLAC so it best fits your needs. We’ve broken down the options you can select to customize your QLAC.


Product Details of a QLAC

Although QLACs are similar to longevity annuities, they differ in a few key ways. We’ve clarified the four unique features of a QLAC here.


How Will My QLAC Be Taxed?

QLACs’ special designation means that the income you receive can start later than age 70 1/2, reducing your RMDs and associated taxes. We’ve laid out the tax treatment your QLAC can receive.