Pension De-risking and Risk Transfer, Demystified

For many pensioners, corporate pension de-risking and risk transfers may have a minimal impact on their lives and could ultimately promote their retirement security. Read on to understand these transactions better.

Retirement Planning

How to Restore the Three-Legged Retirement Stool

The rise of the 401(k) and the corresponding decline of defined benefit pension plans upended the three-legged stool model for retirement savings, leading to retirement insecurity. Blueprint Income is working to restore the broken leg of the stool by offering easy access to compare and purchase annuities.

Retirement 101

Insurance and Consumer Backstops for Retirement Savings

We entrust our long-term retirement security with companies and organizations who we hope will be around when we retire. What happens in the rare instances when they fail? This guide provides an explanation of forms of government-aided insurance and consumer backstops that protect your retirement nest-egg.

Annuity Basics

State Guaranty Associations for Annuity Contracts

An annuity is a lifetime income guarantee that you purchase from an insurance company, who is overseen by state-based guaranty funds that insurers your annuity purchases. In this article, we discuss this important protection, as well as provide some helpful resources that you should be aware of.