Annuity Rates Intelligence Report December 2021

Published December 13, 2021
Monthly annuity rates intelligence report to keep you informed and on top of annuity rates.

Here’s our monthly annuity rates intelligence report with pricing updated as of December 10th, 2021. For the most up to date pricing and product selection use the below links.

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Annuity Rates Intelligence Report

Fixed annuity rates improved across the board in December; our top “A-” rated 5-year fixed annuity rate grew to 3.00%, the best rate we have seen in 6 months. Longevity annuity rates had a rapid decrease due to a slight recent decline of the 10-year treasury yield

Fixed Annuities

Current Fixed Annuity Rates

A $250,000 investment will earn annually:

myga annuity chart

5-year Fixed Annuity Rate History

Compared to 5-year treasury

myga rate history

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Immediate & Longevity Annuities

Current Rates

A $100,000 purchase will create annual income of:

Immediate & Longevity Annuities Chart

Immediate Annuity Rate History

Compared to 10-year Treasury

Immediate Annuity Rate History

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Longevity Annuity Rate History

Compared to 10-year treasury

Longevity Annuity Rate History

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