July 2019: 10 Year Treasury Yields Drop Below 2%

Published July 8, 2019

It continues to be a wild ride in the financial markets. You’d think that trade war fears and some soft recent macroeconomic data would push markets lower. But that’s not what has happened at all. The stock market had its best first half of the year in recent memory. And bond prices have risen to such a point that 10 Year Treasury yields are now below 2% (bond prices and yields move in opposite directions). That’s put pricing pressure on annuities. Read more here.

Annuity Intelligence Report

Most insurers decreased their immediate annuity, longevity annuity and fixed annuity further in July, as treasury yields fell below 2.00%. Click to download July 2019’s Annuity Intelligence Report.


My colleague Matt has written a couple recent articles on Forbes.com. First, here’s a summary of Vanguard’s decision to exit the annuity business and what that means for annuities in general and your purchase decision specifically. Second, Matt wrote about the ways that insurers need to work to make your annuity purchase easier than it is today.

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