March 2019: Top Rates Hold Despite Decreases from Many Insurers

Published March 1, 2019

Although top fixed annuity rates held steady in February, many insurers decreased their rates. Said differently, the insurers offering the very highest interest rates didn’t change rates, but the insurers who already weren’t the highest, reduced rates further. Check out the article below to learn more.

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Fixed Annuity Rates: What’s Really Happening?

The highest yielding fixed annuity products are from B++ or lower (according to AM Best) rated insurers. That’s nothing new. Lower rated insurers’ products should pay more interest in order to compensate for their lower rating. But there’s been an interesting trend that has emerged so far this year — the spread between the higher payout products from B++ or lower insurers to the lower payout products from A+ and A++ insurers has increased over the last few months. Let’s look at the 5 year fixed annuity to illustrate the point. Here’s the gap between the highest rate from any insurer and the highest rate from an insurer with a rating of A+ or better.

Highest 5 Year Rate
(rating of at least B)
Highest 5 Year Rate
(rating of at least A+)
December 2018 4.10% 3.65% 0.45%
January 2019 4.10% 3.50% 0.60%
February 2019 4.10% 3.40% 0.70%

So in December, going with an A+ or better carrier only cost you a 0.45% annual reduction in the rate. Now it’s up to 0.70%! That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right fit for you. Contact us to learn more about what financial strength ratings mean.

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The Latest from the Fed

Rates on long-term Treasury bonds did not move significantly as a result of Chairman Powell’s testimony earlier this week. The 10 Year Treasury yield continues to hover around 2.6% and the 30 Year around 3.1%. Coverage of Chairman Powell’s testimony is available here, here and here.

Forbes Article

Our former CEO, Matt Carey, is a Forbes contributor. Here’s his most recent article about the top fixed annuity rates for 2019. Look for another article about the best available immediate annuities and longevity annuities soon!

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