Matt Carey

Matt Carey

Financial Planning Professional

Matt Carey is the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Income. He believes in the power of technology to make retirement simpler. Matt is a regular contributor to and has been quoted in both the New York Times and Morningstar.

Annuity Basics

Recent Fed Moves and Their Impact on Annuity Pricing

Annuity rates didn’t really budge in August. But given the declines in bond yields, that’s actually a good thing and means that annuity pricing might soon decline. If you’re thinking about making an annuity purchase before the end of the year, now is an attractive time to do it.

Annuity Basics

The Yield Curve Is Flattening — Here’s What It Means for Annuities

A flattening yield curve (one where the difference between short-term and long-term Treasury yields is smaller than usual) suggests two annuity buying strategies. Either buy a fixed rate annuity now, and wait for rates to rise before buying an income annuity. Or, start buying income now but do so in small pieces over time.

Retirement Planning

Can the Retirement Enhancement Savings Act (RESA) Encourage Companies to Get on the Annuity Bandwagon?

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2018 (RESA) may finally encourage retirement plan sponsors to add annuities to their 401(k) plans. Certain provisions may promote retirement savings by encouraging annuitizations among plan participants.

Annuity Basics

Impact of the Fed’s Interest Rate Increase on Annuity Rates

The Federal Reserve recently raised short term interest rates by 0.25%, but how does this impact annuity payouts? Learn what factors, in addition to changes in interest rates, can affect your annuity payout.

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ICYMI: Listen to Blueprint Income’s Lauren Minches Discuss the Personal Pension on the Stacking Benjamins’ Podcast

Stacking Benjamins recently hosted Blueprint Income's Lauren Minches on their podcast to discuss retirement savings and the Personal Pension.

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ICYMI: Blueprint Income’s Innovative Personal Pension Profiled in Bloomberg

Bloomberg's recent profile of Blueprint Income highlights the firm's origins and development of the Personal Pension.

Inside Blueprint Income

Blueprint Income Launches with the Personal Pension, Reinventing Annuity Market

Blueprint Income launched today, announcing a $2.75mm seed investment led by early stage VC firms Green Visor Capital and NextView Ventures, with participation from Core Innovation Capital, Kairos, and angel investor Jean Chatzky, among others.

Retirement Income

Navigate Market Crashes with Retirement in Mind

The market performing poorly reminds us that we need to be cautious with the risks we take so we navigate market crashes well. Defend against recency bias by having a financial portfolio that will do what you need it to do through all kinds of market cycles.


New Legislation, If Passed, Would Increase QLAC Limits

One part of the The Retirement Plan Simplification and Enhancement Act, calls for making upward revisions of the QLAC limit. Under the new proposed rules, you could contribute up to $200,000 or 100% of your 401(k) or IRA account balance to a QLAC, but it is still up in the air as to whether this will get passed.

Inside Blueprint Income

11 Ways We’ve Created a Better Annuity and Annuity Buying Process

At Blueprint Income, we're working to make the annuity market a simpler and easier space to navigate. Each day we're focused on offering a better service and product that makes sense for you.