CFSI’s Finlab: Blueprint Income Joins Class

Published November 3, 2017
Third Class of CFSI's FinLab (Financial Solution Lab): Blueprint Income is excited to announce our participation and here's how CFSI's FinLab is helping us achieve our goals.
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Today, we’re excited to announce our participation in the third class of CFSI‘s FinLab.

We’re proud to be in the company of past participant’s of CFSI’s FinLab like Digit and Even (and 16 others) who are transforming financial services through technology. But more importantly, we’re excited to play a small part in the broader mission of CFSI’s Finlab to improve the financial health of Americans, especially the underserved. We think aging is a challenge traditional financial services has woefully ignored and we’re excited about playing our role in righting the ship.

Here’s the thing — the 401(k)s of today are inferior in some very important ways to the pension of yesterday. Without a new paradigm, we think retiring is destined to become out of reach of lower and moderate income Americans.

Today also marks the first step in our migration of the company to Blueprint Income and the phasing out of Abaris. Frankly, the decision to update our name and brand has been an easy one. Abaris never clicked with users, investors (or even us). We love how Blueprint Income gives us a way to talk about what we do and how we do it in a simple and emotive way.

CFSI’s FinLab has been on our radar since it was created and it’s been, frankly, kind of  a long road to get here. Two years ago we knew we were too early. Last year, we were rejected. So we’ve learned an important lesson here about the perseverance necessary to build a truly transformative company.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming months. Thanks for everyone’s personal and professional support.

Please see this Press Release and American Banker article.  Please also read our reviews.

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