ICYMI: Blueprint Income’s Innovative Personal Pension Profiled in Bloomberg

Published March 7, 2018
Bloomberg's recent profile of Blueprint Income highlights the firm's origins and development of the Personal Pension.

On March 1, Bloomberg profiled Blueprint Income’s transformation of the retirement savings industry through an innovative product called the Personal Pension. Since companies don’t offer a defined benefit plan and Social Security doesn’t provide enough income to meet expenses in retirement, modern workers need a new way to save for retirement. The Personal Pension provides retirement security in the 21st Century by allowing you to purchase guaranteed annuity retirement income in working years, providing everyone with the opportunity to retire with dignity.

Read the full article in Bloomberg.

Learn more about the Personal Pension here.


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Matt Carey

Matt Carey

Financial Planning Professional

Matt Carey is the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Income. He believes in the power of technology to make retirement simpler. Matt is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and has been quoted in both the New York Times and Morningstar.

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