Guarantee in Retirement Goal: Blueprint Income

Published November 29, 2017
Matt Carey, the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Income, sits down with FinLab and explains Blueprint Income’s mission to make the guarantee in retirement come with guaranteed, lifelong income.

Retirement sounds great on paper (and looks good in postcards and commercials), but getting there? That’s another thing entirely.  In real life, retirement isn’t easy to get to — or to count on. It’s also full of seemingly unanswerable questions — like, how long will I live? How much should I save now if I live that long?  The problem is for most people there is no guarantee in retirement.

With the assistance of CFSI’s Financial Solutions Lab (FinLab), Blueprint Income is one step closer to ensuring that is a guarantee in retirement for every American.  Checkout the video below to see how Matt Carey, the co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Income, explains how and why Blueprint Income is making this guarantee in retirement goal a reality.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Financial Solutions Lab.   

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Blueprint Income

Blueprint Income

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