Insurer Spotlight: Guardian Life Annuities and Company Basics

Published February 16, 2018
Guardian Life, founded in 1860, is one of the annuity providers on Blueprint Income's platform.
  • Guardian Life offers immediate annuities, longevity annuities, QLACs, and the Personal Pension
  • Guardian Life is owned entirely by its shareholders
  • Guardian Life currently has $66.5 billion assets under management

Guardian Life was a Fortune 500 global financial services company in 2017. The Company is operated as a mutual, which means it is owned entirely by its policyholders and does not have any external shareholders. Guardian’s operating income was $1.5 billion in 2016 and assets under management were $66.5 billion at year-end 2016.

Guardian Life Annuities

Products Offered by Guardian Life:

As one of the oldest insurance companies, Guardian Life offers a variety of annuity products:

Type Name Minimum Initial Premium Minimum Recurring
Immediate Annuity (a.k.a. Single Premium Immediate Annuity) Guaranteed Income Annuity II $10,000 Not possible
Longevity Annuity (a.k.a. Deferred Income Annuity) SecureFuture Income Annuity $5,000 $100
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract SecureFuture Income Annuity $5,000 $100
Fixed Rate Annuity (a.k.a. Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity) Fixed Target Annuity $5,000 Not possible

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How Can I Start a Personal Pension with Guardian Life?

A Personal Pension is a contract between you and top rated insurance companies, including Guardian Life. By making contributions to your Personal Pension over time, you develop a portfolio of guaranteed annuity income available in retirement. Blueprint Income offers a Personal Pension account with the lowest minimum, $5,000. After opening an account, you can make subsequent contributions of as little as $100, each of which will increase your pension check.

Here you can see what contributing to a Personal Pension will guarantee you in annuity retirement income. After just a few years in retirement, you’ll have recouped your initial investment, and the rest will be profit.


You can continue with the enrollment process on your own or fill out the information to have one of our specialists follow up with you by starting with the Personal Pension Builder, where you’ll be able to set a goal for how to grow your pension over time. Note that all future contributions are optional, but it’s always great to have a goal.

How Can I Purchase Guardian Life Annuities?

At Blueprint Income, we offer annuities from more than 15 top rated insurance companies, including Guardian Life. Click below to get real-time personalized quotes.


pacific life annuities


From there, you’ll get access to our annuity guides and team of specialists to help you analyze your retirement finances and walk you through the application process.

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