Insurer Spotlight: Western & Southern (Integrity) Annuities and Company Basics

Published March 16, 2018
Western & Southern (Integrity), founded in 1888, is one of the annuity providers on Blueprint Income's platform.

Western & Southern Financial Group, which includes Integrity Life Insurance, is currently ranked 483 in the Fortune 500.  It generated $378 million in operating income in 2016 and had $67 billion in assets under management at 2016 year-end.

Western & Southern (Integrity) annuities

Products Offered by Western & Southern (Integrity)

As a strongly rated insurance company, below are available Western & Southern (Integrity) annuities currently offered:

Type Name Minimum Initial Premium Minimum Recurring
Immediate Annuity (a.k.a Single Premium Immediate Annuity) IncomeSource Series $10,000 or the premium required to purchase a periodic income payout of $100 whichever is higher Not possible
Fixed Rate Annuity (a.k.a. Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity) MultiVantage Series  



Not possible


OmniFlex Annuity




Premium Bonus Annuity






Select Guarantee Annuity

$5,000 Not possible

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How Can I Purchase Western & Southern (Integrity) Annuities?

At Blueprint Income, we offer annuities from more than 15 top rated insurance companies, including Western & Southern (Integrity). Click below to get real-time personalized quotes.

massmutual annuitiesFrom there, you’ll get access to our annuity guides, and a team of specialists to help you analyze your retirement finances and walk you through the application process.

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