What Is the Best Company for Annuities?

Published August 3, 2019

Deciding what the best company for annuities is depends on what you’re looking for in an annuity. Some companies offer better rates for one type of annuity than another. And, some companies that offer annuities have higher financial ratings than others, but they might offer lower rates.

Blueprint Income is a marketplace that distributes simple annuities from most of the largest US insurance companies that offer income and fixed annuities. Use their tools to see what the best company is for the type of annuity you want. You can view the top rated insurers here.

If you’re interested in reading more, here are several articles that go into detail on top rated insurance companies.

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Nimish Shukla

Nimish Shukla

Financial Planning Professional

Nimish has spoken with thousands of customers about retirement spending. As a CFA Charterholder and licensed fixed annuity producer he values the importance of building an income stream for retirement. In addition to his work at Blueprint Income he is also a regular contributor to Nerdwallet.

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