3 Companies Revolutionizing Longevity Research

Published July 15, 2017
As the average lifespan increases, understanding human longevity is essential. These companies are focusing on your personal future and what longevity means in the long run.

When you hear “startups” and “technology” you might think of products like Facebook and Uber. But startups and visionary research firms aren’t just changing the here and now — they’re looking to change the future — specifically, your personal future. Legendary companies like Google and leaders like Peter Thiel are actively working to extend the human lifespan. Here are three companies focused on longevity and what they’ve been working on.


Calico, or California Life Company, is a Google-funded biotech startup that is researching and developing interventions that slow aging and stop age-related diseases (like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s). They’ve had multiple partnerships with other companies, such as one with AbbVie in 2014 focused on commercializing therapies for age related diseases. Their most recent partnership was with Ancestry DNA in 2015 to look into the role genetics play in aging.

AbbVie and Stemcentrx

Stemcentrx developed experimental drugs that focus on their hypothesis that cancer is actually caused by cancer stem cells, and not random cells that go rogue. They raised over $500 million, notably over $200 million from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.

In 2016, they were bought by AbbVie for $5.8 billion and now focus on a wide variety of cutting edge cancer research and technology. Abbvie has a general focus on advanced research on health issues.

Human Longevity Inc.

Human Longevity Inc (HLI) created the world’s largest database of sequenced genomes and physical traits data in order to understand what can keep humans living longer. They hope that by understanding how disease and aging works at a genetic level, they can change healthcare more proactive instead of reactive.

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