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Blueprint Income

How does Blueprint Income get paid?

You don’t pay us, the insurance companies do! Blueprint Income is paid 1-5% of the income annuities purchased in your Personal Pension.

Blueprint Income

What will happen to my Personal Pension if Blueprint Income goes out of business?

Your Personal Pension is 100% backed by insurance companies. As such, you are guaranteed the income generated by the contributions you’ve made independent of our existence.

Blueprint Income

Where is Blueprint Income located?

Blueprint Income is currently located in the Financial District of New York City. We serve clients all over the United States.

Blueprint Income

Who are Blueprint Income’s founders?

Blueprint Income was founded by three Wharton Business School classmates: Matt Carey, Nimish Shukla, and Adam Colombo. Matt came up with the idea for Blueprint Income during his time at the U.S. Treasury, where he advised senior U.S. officials on the future of retirement. Prior to Blueprint Income, Nimish spent time advising companies on M&A, capital markets and financing transactions at Stifel Bank. While working at PayPal and BlackRock, Adam saw how he could apply his engineering skills could help solve big societal challenges. Check out their full bios here!

Blueprint Income

What is Blueprint Income’s mission?

Blueprint Income believes that everyone should have financial security during retirement and that there is a simpler and easier way to plan for retirement. That’s why we’re building better financial products, like the Personal Pension, that give people something they can count on: guaranteed retirement income.

Blueprint Income

Who is Blueprint Income?

Blueprint Income is making it easier for everyone to head into retirement with guaranteed and lifelong income. We’re a group of actuaries, CFAs, and engineers bringing back the pension! We felt – for ourselves and our parents – constantly burdened by what was required to prepare for retirement. But when we looked back to a generation ago, pensions made it easy. So we set out to find a way to bring pensions back to the modern world. And as a fiduciary, we’ll make sure the Personal Pension or a traditional annuity is the right product for reaching your goals.