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Topic Personal Pension: How It Works

Personal Pension: How It Works

How much money do I need to contribute after my first contribution?

After your starting contribution you can contribute as little as $100 on a flexible schedule that suits your needs.   

Personal Pension: How It Works

Can I change my contribution schedule?

Yes, you can modify or cancel any scheduled contribution 2 or more weeks in advance.

Personal Pension: How It Works

How can I see the current value of my Personal Pension?

Your Dashboard will show your saving progress. It will also show your upcoming contribution schedule.

Personal Pension: How It Works

Can I withdraw money from my Personal Pension?

You won’t be able to make withdrawals from your Personal Pension like you would with a savings account. In that way, it’s more like a pension. Once you begin receiving income payments, some insurance companies will offer some level of extra liquidity, which is most commonly in the form of an option to accelerate upcoming income payments.

Personal Pension: How It Works

What are the fees for a Personal Pension?

There are no upfront or ongoing fees for the Personal Pension. All of the expenses incurred by the insurance company, including the distribution fee paid to us, are reflected in the size of the retirement paycheck they can offer. There are no future or recurring fees associated with your account.

Personal Pension: How It Works

What happens if I skip a contribution?

Skipping a contribution has no effect on any income you’ve already earned. However, it will set you back relative to any goal you’ve set. If you decide to skip contributions, a member of our team can help you get back on track when you’re ready.

Personal Pension: How It Works

Can I automate my Personal Pension contributions?

Yes, you can automate the schedule for your future Personal Pension contributions in your Dashboard.

Personal Pension: How It Works

Where can my Personal Pension contributions come from?

You can link your personal savings, checking, or IRA accounts to make your Personal Pension contributions.