The Personal Pension

5 Reasons Why Annuities Without Cash Value Is Best

Annuities without cash value, a.k.a. income annuities, offer you protection from running out of money by providing guaranteed retirement income. These are the 5 reasons why income annuities are the best option for your retirement plan.

Retirement Planning

How Stock Market Drops Affect Your Retirement

401(k)s have become the predominant way to prepare for retirement, which leaves retirement savings exposed to market volatility. As a result, we are more sensitive to changes and drops in the markets. Knowing how stock market drops affect your retirement means it's important to protect your investments from movements in the market.

The Personal Pension

Personal Pension 401(k) Rollover

If you have an old 401(k) sitting with a former employer, consider a Personal Pension 401(k) rollover that will turn the money you've worked hard to save into a guaranteed source of income you can't outlive.

The Personal Pension

The Personal Pension for Beginners

A Personal Pension offers guaranteed retirement income that lasts as long as you. Here's how the Personal Pension works.


Personal Pension to Replace Defined Benefit Pensions

As employers freeze and terminate their pension plans, a new option is emerging: the Personal Pension.


Arconic’s Pension Freeze and Pension Advice for Its Employees

In 2018 Arconic is freezing defined benefit pension plans for nearly 7,900 of its employees. As a replacement to this, Arconic will increase contributions to employee 401(k) plans for those affected.


Alcoa’s Pension Benefits Reduced by 2021 and an Employee Call to Action

Alcoa will freeze US and Canada salaried defined benefit pension plans starting in 2021 as it increases its contributions to workers’ 401(k) plans.


L.L. Bean to Cut Costs by Pension Plan Terminations and Offer Voluntary Early Retirement

L.L. Bean is increasing their contributions to employees’ 401(k) plans as they terminate pension plans. The company is also offering early retirement incentives as a way to reduce its workforce and alleviate some of their expenses.


Heinz-Kraft Pension De-Risking and Pension Advice for Its Employees

Heinz-Kraft is offering its workers plan consolidations, lump-sum offers to current non-retirees, or an annuity purchase in order to de-risk their pension liability. There are other alternatives to these options, however, that better suit those looking to secure guaranteed retirement income.


UPS Pension Plan Changes May Take Time, but UPS Workers Have a Call to Action

UPS announced that it is freezing non-union employee pensions, contributing only a small percentage to their workers’ 401(k) plans. This, however, leaves more than 70,000 workers to independently decide how they should continue saving for retirement.