Annuity Basics

Understanding Rate Lock and How It Differs Between Income Annuities and Fixed Annuities

A summary of rate lock procedures for income annuities and fixed annuities.


QLAC Limit Remains at $130,000 in 2019

The IRS QLAC limit for how much of your 401(k) or IRA you can convert into a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract remains at $130,000 for 2019.

Annuity Basics

Online Annuities: How (and How Not) to Buy an Annuity Online

Not all annuity website are created equal. Do your homework.

Annuity Basics

Should You Hate Annuities like Ken Fisher?

Should you hate annuities? Yes, some types. Others? No, not if you believe the federal government, trusted academics or Ken Fisher himself.

Retirement Planning

Finding the Right Financial Product for Your Retirement Objectives

Planning for your retirement can be broken down into three primary objectives: liquidity, growth, and income. There are different financial products to use to meet each of those needs.

Annuity Basics

Stocks Lose 7% in October While Annuity Rates Continue to Rise

There are warning signs building that the 8-10% average market returns we’ve experienced over the last decade likely are not here to stay. The guaranteed 4%+ growth of most top-paying fixed annuities are starting to look more attractive.

Annuity Basics

Recent Fed Moves and Their Impact on Annuity Pricing

Annuity rates didn’t really budge in August. But given the declines in bond yields, that’s actually a good thing and means that annuity pricing might soon decline. If you’re thinking about making an annuity purchase before the end of the year, now is an attractive time to do it.

Annuity Basics

Impact of the Fed’s Interest Rate Increase on Annuity Rates

The Federal Reserve recently raised short term interest rates by 0.25%, but how does this impact annuity payouts? Learn what factors, in addition to changes in interest rates, can affect your annuity payout.

Insurance Companies

Insurer Spotlight: American National Annuities and Company Basics

American National, founded in 1905, is one of the annuity providers on Blueprint Income's platform.

Insurance Companies

Insurer Spotlight: Penn Mutual Annuities and Company Basics

Penn Mutual, founded in 1847, is one of the annuity providers on Blueprint Income's platform.