Product Details of a QLAC

Although QLACs are similar to longevity annuities, they differ in a few key ways. We’ve clarified the four unique features of a QLAC here.


Financial Products for Longevity: Social Security

Social Security, has been providing Americans with guaranteed income throughout retirement for years. Here’s how the program works and when you can claim your Social Security benefits.


Tools to Estimate Your Longevity

Understanding your current habits can give you insight into your healthy life in retirement. These calculators can help you project what you can do now to ensure a comfortable retirement later.


4 Ways to Live Longer

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you enjoy your retirement. Here’s what you can do to stay on track.


Will We All Live to Be 100?

Forty years ago, living until 100 was extremely unlikely. Thanks to new research, here’s how the human lifespan will continue increasing.


3 Companies Revolutionizing Longevity Research

As the average lifespan increases, understanding human longevity is essential. These companies are focusing on your personal future and what longevity means in the long run.