Fixed and Income Annuities Overview

An annuity is a way to turn your savings into guaranteed income you can’t outlive, no matter what happens in the market or how long you live.

Inside Blueprint Income

Security of Income in Retirement is Our Secret

Traditionally we're told to save for retirement, but we don't have security of income and no one tells us about how much is enough, when to start spending our retirement savings or how long we should plan to make it last. This is why at Blueprint Income we value an income-focused retirement plan.


Customizing Your QLAC

There are many features you can add to your QLAC so it best fits your needs. We’ve broken down the options you can select to customize your QLAC.


Product Details of a QLAC

Although QLACs are similar to longevity annuities, they differ in a few key ways. We’ve clarified the four unique features of a QLAC here.


How Will My QLAC Be Taxed?

QLACs’ special designation means that the income you receive can start later than age 70 1/2, reducing your RMDs and associated taxes. We’ve laid out the tax treatment your QLAC can receive.


The Financial Value of a QLAC

A QLAC is not only financially valuable, but it offers something traditional investments cannot: peace of mind. We’ve laid out how to determine your financial return from a QLAC.


Should You Buy a QLAC?

A QLAC offers you a guaranteed income stream to give you peace of mind during retirement. We’ve created this quick checklist so you can know if a longevity annuity is a good fit for you.