Fiduciary Principles

Blueprint Income is not a fiduciary, but we adhere to the following fiduciary principles when recommending annuities.

We put your best interest first

We look closely at your income, expenses, assets, objectives and other relevant information to see whether an annuity makes sense for reaching your goals. Your goals. Not ours.

We are transparent about commissions

Yes, we do make a commission. It typically ranges from 2-5% per purchase, depending on product, term, and insurer. When recommending annuity products, we disclose the commission we’re paid and we always help you find the fixed annuities that fit your goals without taking any potential commissions into account.

We won’t advise you to buy more than what you need

If you don’t need guaranteed retirement income or a fixed annuity that provides a guaranteed return, we’ll be the first to tell you. In fact, of all the clients who have come to us for a traditional annuity, we’ve advised some not to proceed given their financial profile. See what we mean? Your interest. Not ours.

We are on a mission to change retirement

This level of transparency may seem like a no-brainer – we certainly think it is – but common sense isn’t always common place. Our mission to fundamentally improve how Americans retire starts with making good, guaranteed retirement options easily accessible online.

Your security in retirement. Not ours.