Our annuity agency operates under the name Blueprint Income Inc. From March 2015 - September 2017, our annuity agency operated under the name Abaris Financial Inc. In both cases, the entity is a resident producer agency in New York.

Our primary individual fixed annuity producer, Nimish Shukla, is a resident annuity producer in New York and non-resident annuity producer in the states listed below. In addition, any Blueprint Income employee with whom our customers interact with respect to the specific products we offer are also licensed fixed annuity producers (certain administrative and technical support may be provided by non-licensed employees).

Blueprint Income earns commissions from the sale of annuity products. Commission rates are typically set by the insurance companies, though in some cases, we may work with insurers to set the commissions. We strive to find the right balance between minimizing commissions, which can create more value for customers, and receiving commissions large enough to operate the business (See Our Fiduciary Responsibility).

The products and services described on this website are offered and sold only by appropriately licensed insurance companies and by licensed insurance producers. A particular insurance product may not be available in all states and a particular insurance company may not be licensed to sell its insurance products in all states. By law, insurance producers must be “appointed” to represent a particular insurance company.

NPN Nimish Shukla: 17313354

NPN Blueprint Income: 17352739

State Blueprint Income Nimish Shukla
Alabama 716265
Alaska 100142774 100109858
Arizona 17313354
Arkansas 17313354
California 0M25594
Colorado 512344
Connecticut 2528562
Delaware 1375088 1369991
District of Columbia 3065530
Florida W247010
Georgia 2997923
Hawaii 456494
Idaho 501226
Illinois 17313354
Indiana 983233
Iowa 17313354
Kansas 17313354
Kentucky 921291
Louisiana 699306
Maine AGN247449 PRN270885
Maryland 2163550 2149241
Massachusetts 2007473
Michigan 17313354
Minnesota 40400455
Mississippi 10363703
Missouri 8380863
Montana 100123491
Nebraska 17313354
Nevada 983345
New Hampshire 2368195
New Jersey 1615579
New Mexico 17313354
New York LB-1427704 LA-1347725
North Carolina 17313354
North Dakota 17313354
Ohio 1112440
Oklahoma 100263576
Oregon 17313354
Pennsylvania 787446 783363
Rhode Island 2336715
South Carolina 742002
South Dakota 40370838
Tennessee 2339235
Texas 1969931
Utah 571184 579171
Vermont 3170826
Virginia 925443
Washington 923961
West Virginia 17313354
Wisconsin 17313354
Wyoming 271438