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We make it easier to compare and buy annuities in one place

At Blueprint Income, we strive to make the annuity market simpler to navigate by offering a curated selection of top insurance companies. Our team of annuity experts is focused on providing you with the best service and products that make sense for you.

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Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities offer you a safe, guaranteed and tax-deferred way to grow your retirement savings.

  • Guaranteed return
  • Like a CD, get a guaranteed return for a set number of years
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Fixed Index Annuities

FIAs are a type of annuity contract whose interest is linked, in part, to the performance of a market index, such as the S&P 500®, but the investor's principal is protected from losses in the index.

  • Growth potential with protection from loss during volatile markets
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Income Annuities

Income annuities convert your retirement savings into guaranteed lifetime income starting immediately or in the future.

  • Guaranteed income
  • Monthly income for as long as you live
  • Available as immediate annuities, longevity annuities, and QLACs

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Why trust Blueprint Income

Why trust Blueprint Income?


Saving and planning for retirement can be confusing. Whether you're starting your annuity journey or you're further along the path, we offer tools and resources to help you along the way.


We believe that planning for something this important means you should be supported every step of the way. In addition to our online experience, we have a team of annuity experts here to answer questions, process paperwork, and help you feel confident in your decision-making.


We offer access to a curated selection of insurance companies through our online marketplace, making it easier to compare and choose from competitive options without any pressure.

See what our verified customers have to say

5 stars

Jason took his time and answered all my…

Jason took his time and answered all my questions.

james tsvetanoff

7 days ago

5 stars

Helpful and knowledgeable

Helpful and knowledgeable

Theresa Krastin

7 days ago

5 stars

Easier than going through independent agents

Easy to fill out and submit applications. Wide variety of insurance companies and products to choose from. Funding is also easier compared to traditional method via independent agents. This is my 3rd MYGA I opened through Blueprint Income and I am happy with the process.


8 days ago

4 stars

Patrick saves the day

Thanks to Patrick I was able to complete the application online. I was stuck on the beneficiary section because it asked questions that didn’t provide for choosing a charity to benefit. Your website lists Americo as offering 6 & 7 year fixed rate annuities to an 87 year old male when they only offer a 5 year term.

James Morrison

15 days ago

5 stars

The staff at Blueprint Income are…

The staff at Blueprint Income are extremely knowledgeable and advise during the entire process. The application is easy to navigate and questions are quickly answered. The experience is efficient and clearly explained.

Marsha Goldwasser

20 days ago

5 stars

The staff was incredibly helpful

The staff was incredibly helpful. I would definitely come back and recommend to others.

Deedee Liu

20 days ago

5 stars

Competent advisors

Competent advisors. No pressure. emphasis on what is good for me. Wide selection of possibilities. Good help in getting application accomplished. Solid follow up.

Gary Barber

2 months ago

5 stars

Bravo Blueprint Income and Sarah Novak!!!

Application process was very easy and super quick. The approval and funding was extremely fast. Case Manager Sarah Novak kept the communication lines open and instantly alerted me that the application was completed and funded. I couldn't be happier with the process from start to finish. Thank you Sarah!!!


3 months ago

5 stars

Hi Jason

Hi Jason, I wanted to thank you again and here’s my chance for your “very appreciated” help with our 1099r issue this week.

Tom L.

3 months ago

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