Longevity and Annuities

A simple, low-commission annuity can make sense for those with high expected longevity.

Annuities never run out of money

No matter how long you live you'll always receive the same guaranteed retirement paycheck. For healthy people, you'll collect hundreds of thousands of dollars more over your long expected lifespan. Without paying an extra dime.

We're living longer than ever

With a 401(k) most of us will need to save hundreds of thousands of dollars more than we used to. And we're increasingly at risk of running out money in our long retirements.

Is an Income Annuity Right for You?

Why Buy an Income Annuity?

You have higher than expected longevity. Products are not medically underwritten, so the longer you live the more money you make.

You’re looking to optimize for guaranteed lifetime income

You Might Not Be a Fit If ...

You haven’t yet started saving for retirement

You aren’t taking advantage of your employer’s retirement plan match

You want liquidity (to withdraw funds before retirement)

Income Annuities vs. Personal Pensions

Income annuities and Personal Pensions both offer guaranteed income once you retire and continuing throughout your longevity. The main difference lies in when your income will start and whether your contribution is a single up front lump sum or repeating over time.

Income Starts Buy In Period Free Quote Free Guide
Immediate Annuity Within 1 Year Up front Get a quote Guide
Deferred Income Annuity At least 2 years from now Up front Get a quote Guide
Persona Pension (Deferred, Subscription Annuity) At least 2 years from now Up front and over time Get a quote Guide

More About Blueprint Income

At Blueprint Income, we believe everybody should have financial security in retirement. We are a fiduciary, obligated by law to work for your benefit. We offer simple, low cost retirement plans based on guaranteed income that you can never outlive. You can shop and enroll online or we're available to speak on the phone right away so that you can find the best option for your needs.

Learn more about the insurance guarantee.


What is retirement income?

Retirement income is the “salary” you receive once retired – when living and enjoying life is your only job! Retirement income is generated by savings transferred into a Personal Pension. Once you’re ready to start receiving payments, your retirement income is guaranteed and won’t stop until you do.

Do I need to run this by a financial advisor?

If your financial advisor is a fiduciary, we won’t say no. But know that we’re fiduciaries too. You can ask us about your greater financial picture and we will give it to you straight when it comes to evaluating whether a Personal Pension or annuity makes sense for you. Also, know that annuities traditionally get bad press, so your advisor could jump to conclusions. The types of annuities with a bad reputation are those that are market-based and focused on building wealth instead of income. Their complexity and high fees make them harder to evaluate than fully-guaranteed, simple annuities. At Blueprint Income, we only offer those fully-guaranteed, simple ones that provide retirement income for life that's shielded from the market.

How is my money invested?

The money you contribute to the income annuity is invested by top rated insurers of your choice. It’s invested conservatively in their General Account, largely in fixed income investments as well as some in equities. Importantly, they take on all of the investment risk, so if their investments underperform, it’s on them. Not you.

What are the fees?

Unlike variable or indexed annuities, fixed and income annuities don’t have any fees. All expenses incurred by the insurance company, including paying us as distributors, is reflected in the price they’re able to offer. The income or return quoted is exactly what you’ll get – no more, no less.

What’s the difference between a Personal Pension and an annuity?

Although they both guarantee lifetime income in exchange for a contribution, traditional income annuities are purchased with one-time deposits by people approaching retirement and averaging $100,000. The Personal Pension allows you to contribute incrementally, earlier on and in smaller amounts – just as you’d put money aside in your savings account or 401(k).


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