Our Fiduciary Responsibility

Blueprint Income is a fiduciary. It is our legal and ethical responsibility and purpose to act in your best interest. Your interest. Not ours.

We put your interests first

We are required to take your whole financial situation into account and make sure that a Personal Pension or traditional annuity is the right product for reaching your goals. Your goals. Not ours.

We’re transparent about commissions

Yes, we do make a commission. It typically ranges from 1-3%.

Industry average for these types of commissions is 5%. We think that’s unfair to you, so we’ve negotiated ours down to a rate that feels fair and honest.

We only recommend what you need

If you don’t need guaranteed retirement income, we’ll be the first to tell you.

In fact, of all the clients who have come to us for a traditional annuity, we’ve advised 60% of them not to proceed given their financial profile. See what we mean? Your interest. Not ours.

We’re on a mission to change retirement

This level of transparency may seem like a no-brainer – we certainly think it is – but you might be surprised to find out how rare it is.

There has been a lot in the news lately about financial advisors and insurance agents who are incentivized to sell you what you don’t need. But we’re determined to do things differently. Our mission to fundamentally improve how Americans retire starts with lowering commissions in order to give you higher income.

Your security in retirement. Not ours.