Why work with us?

We are on a mission to redefine financial security in retirement.

We think about retirement differently

We think about retirement in terms of income, rather than assets.

This is a new paradigm, which dramatically improves, and simplifies retirement planning.

We make it easy

Saving and planning for retirement can be confusing. Whether you’re starting your annuity journey or you’re further along the path, we offer tools and resources to help you along the way.

We provide choices

We offer access to over 30 top insurance companies, giving you the power to choose.

We get it

We understand life happens, so we provide you with a variety of annuity options giving you flexibility as your needs change.

Our Products

With Blueprint Income, you get guaranteed retirement income you can count on for life from a variety of annuity products.

Fixed Annuities

If you have money to invest for at least 3 years, want greater principal protection, and have maxed out your IRA or 401k contributions, consider a Fixed Annuity. See today’s rates here.

Income Annuities

If you are seeking a greater certainty in retirement, have already started saving, and your current benefits aren’t enough to cover your expenses, opt for an Income Annuity. Get started here.