Introducing Blueprint Yield Plus

Introducing Blueprint Yield Plus

Unlock higher returns for your savings up to 5% APY

Blueprint Yield Plus offers you a reliable solution to supercharge your savings and achieve financial growth. Say goodbye to lackluster interest rates and embrace a new era of earning more with Blueprint Yield Plus. With our new offering, you can confidently watch your money grow.



5% APY Compared to National Avg. 0.42%

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Amplify Your Returns

Experience Annual Percentage Yields (APY) that surpass traditional savings accounts, allowing your savings to grow.

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Reliable and Secure

You can have peace of mind knowing that Blueprint Yield Plus offers a dependable and secure environment for safeguarding your hard-earned funds, backed by FDIC insurance.

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Tailored for Retirees

Blueprint Yield Plus understands the unique needs of retirees, offering a solution designed to support your financial goals during retirement.

Seamless Access and Flexibility

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your funds whenever you need them, ensuring you have the financial freedom you deserve.

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Support and Knowledge

You have access to the service and reliability of the Blueprint Income expert support team.

Part of the MassMutual family

Blueprint Income is a subsidiary of MassMutual. Our firm joined the organization in February 2021 because our companies share a purpose: to help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. We do this by offering innovative retirement income solutions through a simplified, digital, and customer-centric user experience. As an autonomous company, Blueprint seeks to offer the best retirement income products on the market to help our clients achieve financial security.


Confidently watch your money grow

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