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Will We All Live to Be 100?

Jan 18, 2023

Blueprint Income Team

Forty years ago, living until 100 was extremely unlikely. Thanks to new research, here’s how the human lifespan will continue increasing.

  • By the year 2100, the average life expectancy in the US at birth could be 100
  • New research is focusing on the ways of extending healthy lifespans

Lifespans have dramatically increased over the last century. While at one point not so long ago the average person lived till 40, the average lifespan in the US now is 79 years. In fact, since 1840, life expectancy at birth has risen about 3 months every year. This means by the year 2100 life expectancy at birth could be 100 years.

For many people, the idea of an extended retirement, where we finally have the time to explore passions and hobbies is very appealing. And if we could be healthy for as long as we were alive human potential would be greatly increased! While we talked about 3 companies working on technology to develop cures to aging-related health issues, there are other factors that affect lifespans that many institutions are researching.

The Buck Institute in San Francisco has studied many ways of extending healthy lifespans, and have already quintupled the lifespans of laboratory worms. At the University of Michigan, researchers used drugs and nutritional supplements to slow aging, while at the University of San Francisco the Dural Lab is completely dedicated to anti-aging research, especially with regards to Alzheimer's.

Generally, scientific research has always focused on specific chronic diseases, rather than on health span and lifespan in general. It’s possible, however, that aging itself is the root of chronic diseases, and if it’s possible to slow aging there is a better opportunity to cure diseases before they even manifest. With the incredible research and technologies that are developing, it’s not so unlikely anymore that retirement will last till 100.

Blueprint Income Team

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