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4 Ways to Live Longer

Jan 18, 2023

Blueprint Income Team

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you enjoy your retirement. Here’s what you can do to stay on track.

Although we all would love the miracle cure to look 20 forever, aging is one thing we can’t stop. While we outlined some research looking to extend our lifespans, at Blueprint Income we think it’s most important to be healthy, no matter how long you live. Here are four ways to make sure that you’re healthy in your retirement years, and some scientific research to prove it.

Avoid overexposure to sun and tobacco smoke

Sun and smoke have one biological component in common: they contain oxygen free radicals. The National Institute on Aging has conducted research which shows that when your body’s cells get exposed to these free radicals in sun and tobacco smoke, it damages other molecules in the cell. This causes biological stress, which not only accelerates aging, but is also related to cancer and Alzheimer's.

Get moving

While we all know that moving and exercising itself is good for us, did you know that excessive sitting is also bad for your health? A study in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that greater amounts of time spent sitting in front of the TV results in greater mortality risk. Even sitting at your desk for 9 hours a day while working can raise your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Limit the junk food

Eating right not only provides your body with the nutrition to function at its best, it will limit unhealthy extra weight, which can raise your risk for type-2 diabetes and heart disease, according to the NIH. Limiting junk food intake will even lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels!

Stay busy in your community

Hanging out with friends isn’t just something young people do. According to the University of Rochester, older adults benefit significantly from social activity. It reduces risk of depression and slows development of cognitive and physical issues. You could even use retirement to volunteer in your community or find other ways to develop new social interactions.

What we’re told to do now in our younger years are the same things that will help keep you healthy in your retirement too and extend the retirement you always hoped for.

Blueprint Income Team

We are a team of finance, insurance, and actuarial professionals working to make it easier for everyone to achieve a steady and comfortable retirement. We write about annuities (the good and the bad) and provide strategies to help Americans prepare for retirement.


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