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We've Created a Better Annuity Buying Process

May 8, 2023

Blueprint Income Team

At Blueprint Income, we're working to make the annuity market a simpler and easier space to navigate. Each day we're focused on offering a better service and product that makes sense for you.

At Blueprint Income, we work hard every day to make the annuity market simpler and easier to navigate. Our team focuses on providing you with the best service and products that make sense to you. Historically, annuities have been difficult to compare and hard to buy because they are complex financial products with different features and fees. That's why we've created a better annuity buying process.

We look to simplify the process of purchasing an annuity

Reaching a financially secure retirement requires making smart choices, but those choices often take time and raise more questions than answers. At Blueprint Income, we believe that saving and planning for retirement shouldn't be confusing. Our mission is to provide you with a simple, informed, and quick buying process. We can help you navigate the differences among annuity products and guide you in selecting the one that's right for you. We do the research and legwork upfront to provide you with access to the top annuity products and give you the tools to make informed decisions.

We'll meet your investment needs

At Blueprint Income, we are dedicated to meeting your investment needs. Our focus is on building daily relationships with our clients so that we can truly understand your unique needs. We offer a variety of flexible annuity options that can support you as your needs change over time. We know that life can be unpredictable, and our team is here to answer any questions you may have about purchasing an annuity - without any pushy sales pitches.

We work only with highly rated insurers

Our stringent selection process guarantees that when you buy an annuity from us, you'll be partnering with a top-rated provider. The insurers featured on our marketplace have undergone a rigorous vetting process and received a financial strength rating of B+ or higher from AM Best, the foremost credit rating agency for the insurance industry. This is excellent news for you because an insurance company's claims-paying ability, or their financial strength, is crucial to their reliability. We offer access to a hand-picked selection of leading insurance companies, enabling you to choose from the highest rated and make informed comparisons with ease.

You'll never pay us ongoing fees

We believe that fees should never be hidden. At Blueprint Income, when you purchase an annuity through us, the commission we receive from the issuing insurance company is clearly listed on our website for your review. We never charge customers any upfront fees, ongoing costs, or commissions for our services. Whether we provide you with retirement analysis, support throughout the buying process, or access to our library of educational materials, we will not charge you for it.

Our easy-to-use online buying process

Forget what you thought you knew about the old-school annuity process. At Blueprint Income, we've streamlined everything to make it easy for you. You can compare multiple insurance companies at once, complete a fully online application process, and even compare earnings between certificates of deposit and fixed annuities - all in one place.

We're faster than the competition

Setting up an annuity can take as long as 30 days, but we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we designed our application process to take just 10 minutes to complete. Once we receive your request, one of our annuity experts will confirm the details of your purchase, and you can sign the official documents in as little as 24 to 72 hours. You can fund your annuity within a day or take as long as a month, depending on the insurance company's rate lock policies and the type of funds you use.

We make annuities easier to understand

Annuities have become a popular choice for individuals preparing for significant life changes. However, the abundance of information available can make finding the right annuity for you complicated and overwhelming. At Blueprint Income, we strive to simplify this process by providing you with easily digestible information and guidance to help you make informed decisions. Our experts are committed to answering your questions and helping you find the annuity that best suits your needs.


Blueprint Income Team

We are a team of finance, insurance, and actuarial professionals working to make it easier for everyone to achieve a steady and comfortable retirement. We write about annuities (the good and the bad) and provide strategies to help Americans prepare for retirement.